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Adovely® Toddler Pillow 13x18, Soft Certified Organic Cotton, Microfiber Fill (Handcrafted in USA)

Adovely® Toddler Pillow 13x18, Soft Certified Organic Cotton, Microfiber Fill (Handcrafted in USA)

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The World's Most Comfortable Toddler Pillow. Your little one deserves the best sleep and nap they can get. 

  • Soft Certified 100% Organic Cotton shell cover
  • Comfortable adaptive filling with no added chemicals
  • 100% Hypoallergenic and Safe
  • Superior design for sleeping and napping comfort
  • Optimal size, balance, and support for your toddler's neck and head
  • Travel portable, durable and easy machine washable
  • Handcrafted and Made in USA

Frequently Asked Questions:

A) Can you tell me more about the fill material?

We do NOT treat it with any chemicals whatsoever. Usually, poly fiber material is treated with various substances. Our down-like fiber filling is uniquely developed for your natural best experience.

B) How much filling is in the toddler pillow?

We use a measured amount of filling in our pillows to help little ones sleep in a healthy posture and avoid neck kinks. We have done lots of research in finding the optimal amount of filling to use.

C) My little one’s head never stays on the pillow. Does that mean it's not for him/her?

Usually, getting used to a toddler pillow takes time and rolling off is perfectly normal. It takes a few weeks until he or she can finally sleep a night on the pillow.

D) What age can my little one use the pillow up to?

The pillow is generally recommended for toddlers ages 2 to 5, depending on personal preference and if the child is bigger or smaller for his/her age.

E) How long will my toddler pillow last?

The pillow will maintain very well even with intense use. It slightly flattens a bit after the first few times of use, and then remains at an optimal thickness.